Arbeitsbuch KZ Flossenbürg

Arbeitsbuch KZ Flossenbürg

Code: 11603


German Arbeitsbuch (work book) to a German National named Johann Hupp or Hüpp, born 28/02/1895 in Reifferscheid wehrkreis Schleiden-Eifel. The work book was Issued in 1935 by the Arbeitsampt Trier nebenstelle (extension) Wittlich. 

He has an entry for special skills in driving licence for motor vehicles or aircraft. 2 u 3 Kl. (2 and 3rd class). 

A resident of Wittlich. Worked in Ermann Bach of Wittlich, which later became Wittlicher Lebensmittel Großhandlung G.M.B.H. (Wittlichter Groceries and Wholesale).

Research has concluded that Ermann Bach of Wittlich was a Jewish owned business, which ceased trading under that name in 1938. Hüpp worked for this company from 1921-1940.

Another interesting entry in the book is for a work placement at Flossenbürg Konzentrationslager (Bavaria) from April 1940 to May 1942. Hüpps departure from the camp is signed off by an SS Sturmbannführer "WILHELM" presumably this is Wilhelm Faßbender, the camps gestapo man in service at Flossenbürg 1938-1943. There are two stamps registered for the KZ. 

The Flossenbürg Concentration Camp was set up in 1938 originally to quarry granite for the Reichs new capital 'Germania' under the authority of Albert Speer. 

During the war the camp became utilised for the construction of parts for the Messerschmitt BF109 fighter planes. 

It is unknown from this book if Hüpp was a prisoner at the camp or a German worker conscripted to work at the camp, again from reading up on the Flossenbürg camp, German workers were sent there and allegedly kept separate from the inmates of the camp. 

After Flossenbürg Hüpp moved off to work in a photographers 'Sonntag Photograph' (Sunday Photograph) in Münster near Dortmund, but there is no date entry to his work book for this role.