WW2 German Torpeedoboot Collection

WW2 German Torpeedoboot Collection

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German WW2 Collection to a Torpeedobootsmann Signal Haupt Gefreiter Kurt Bauer. Torpeedobootflottille 6. 

Medal and citations for Kriegsmarine 4 year long service award, issued on 31st December 1938 the signed by Kapitänleutnant Helmut Neuss HNeuß in Sütterlin (later a Konteradmiral in the Bundeswehr). The medal is court mounted with a blue felt backing cloth. Long service eagle in silver. 

The Memelland medal was awarded on 21st November 1939, by Staatsminister Otto Meissner. The Memelland medal comes cased in box of issue to an Austrian maufacturer Haptmünzamt Wien III. Only 90,000 of these medals were awarded, named ones with citation are scarce! The operation to take the Memel district occurred on the 22nd March 1939, the last peaceful German conquest of territory before WWII.

The Torpeedoboot Tiger was sunk on the 27th August 1939, during a training exercise in the Baltic by a German destroyer Z3 Max Schultz. 2 men were killed in the accident and another 6 were brought to safety aboard the Schultz.

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