About Us

Born in 1985 (A vintage year!), I started having an interest in militaria from interests shared with my late Grandfather Thomas Beaumont. As a small boy I was taken round Tynemouth market, then a real classic market, as most people started to appreciate the value of "junk" when Star Wars became popular again in the late 1990's. From then on in anything vintage became more sought after by collectors and there was a massive surge in the market for collectors items, which I was lucky to be a part of, and I still have two or three vintage Star Wars figures in my midst.

I began collecting militaria from an early age (5), always being gifted bits and bobs from a cousin of my Grandfather down in Surrey, a man called David Telford. I was always hoping for German items from David, but sadly these never came my way, but ended up with all sorts of British badges etc, which never really floated my interests.

By the time I was a teenager and had money of my own to burn as I pleased, I started collecting militaria. Ebay was a great resource for this as well as a trip to Tynemouth market and a few local militaria fairs. 

In the mid 2000's I was a member of the Northern WWII Association, a re-enactment group which is still going strong today. I did some photography at the events, the modern photos on this website feature re-enactors who I had the priviledge of working with during these times. 

My main focus area of collecting is German ribbon bars circa 1800-1957, I also collect the ribbon bars of Germany's Allies in both World Wars. I am always on the look out for new ribbon bars to add to my collection, so if you are looking to part with any of yours please send me a message.

That is all from me, please enjoy my website and happy shopping!